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Manage, control and monitor computers from anywhere

SmartCode VNC Manager is designed for effective remote desktop access, system administration and for helpdesk environments.

SmartCode VNC Manager offers built-in support for VNC, RDP, Citrix ICA, Microsoft Hyper-V, SCCM Remote Control, RAdmin, SSH, Telnet, Team Viewer, HP Remote Graphics, DameWare Mini Remote, LogMeIn and Windows Remote Assistance.

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SmartCode VNC Manager
Release Notes

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FIX SmartCode VNC Manager may crash randomly if the computer doesn't have .Net 4.7 or newer installed.
Read What's New in the v1808 blog post here.
NEW Implemented the ability to configure default settings for a registered computers groups (via Tools \ Options).
NEW Added ability to launch Intel AMT web interface
NEW SmartCode VNC Deployment Wizard has been updated to deploy UltraVNC v1.2.2.2
NEW SSH and Telnet clients: Improved handling of Ctrl+C combination.
NEW VNC viewer: Improved compatibility with UltraVNC / SecureVNC DSM plug-in.
FIX If Hyper-V Thumbnails view has at least one VM added, SmartCode VNC Manager may crash after running for an extended period of time.
NEW Ability to associate with and launch ".rdp" files.
NEW RDP client: Added support for the following settings: Remote audio recording, Enable auto reconnect, Redirect video playback, Redirect DirectX, Redirect USB devices.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of UltraVNC v1.2.1.7.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of TightVNC v2.8.11.
NEW RD Session Manager: A password prompt is shown if the user's credentials do not have rights to send message or logoff or disconnect a session.
FIX Management tools may fail to use a computer's login credentials if the computer inherits its settings.
NEW VNC viewer: The ability to align remote screen within the viewer window boundaries. See the blog post for details.
NEW VNC viewer: The NTLM login window is pre-initialized with the current user name and domain if no credentials have been specified.
FIX Numerous optimizations and stability fixes to the remote management tools.
FIX VNC and RDP viewers weren't correctly positioned in the full screen mode.
FIX Fixed the "Fit Window to Viewer Size" command.
NEW Remote Exec has been improved to allow capturing of PowerShell scripts output.
NEW Remote Exec: Added PowerShell tool type that allows to simplify execution of PowerShell scripts.
NEW Amazon S3 confiugration profiles: Migrated to AWS S3 v3.x runtime. This should result in speed and security improvements.
NEW Amazon S3 configuration profiles: Added support for the missing S3 regions.
NEW Various interface optimizations and bug fixes.
NEW Significantly improved rendering terminal emulation capabilities of the built-in SSH and Telnet clients.
NEW Hyper-V VM Manager: Ability to view IP addresses assigned to Hyper-V VMs and to establish direct VNC or RDP connection to a VM.
NEW Confirmation prompt is shown when before drag and drop of registered computers and groups is completed.
FIX When a VNC thumbnail item has establishsd connection to a VNC server it forces SmartCode VNC Manager window to become active.
FIX Remote Exec via SSH: Multiple optimizations and bug fixes.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of UltraVNC v1.2.1.6.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of TightVNC v2.8.8.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Default UltraVNC NTLM permissions have been updated to include computer local and domain admins.
FIX 64-bit build may crash while perfoming UltraVNC NTLM authentication.
Read What's New in the v1710 blog post here.
NEWThe product version scheme has been changed to the YYMM format.
NEWIntel AMT: Implemented support for the latest Intel AMT v11 protocol. Now you can reboot/shutdown/power cycle the PCs equipped with the latest version of Intel AMT engine.
NEWIntel AMT: Implemented the ability to specify TLS certificate name.
NEWAdded the ability to change postition of WMI columns in the computers list.
NEWColumns customizations are now stored per Configuration Profile. When the v1710 is installed it will reset your current computer list columns customizations.
NEWAbility to set SCCM Remote Control as the default connection type for a computer.
NEWHyper-V VM viewer: Added "Type clipboard text" command. It is located under the Actions menu.
Read What's New in the v6.20 blog post here.
NEWAbility to set SCCM Remote Control as the default connection type for a computer.
NEWHyper-V VM viewer: Added "Type clipboard text" command. It is located under the Actions menu.
NEWHyper-V VM viewer: Added "Send Ctrl+Alt+Del" command.
NEWRDP viewer: Added "Reconnect with current window dimentsions" command.
FIX MSSQL profile: When a WMI column is deleted in the Options it is not deleted from the DB
FIX MSSQL Configuration Profile: Default Computer settings may be lost.
FIX MSSQL Configuration Profile: When settings inheritance is enabled, changes to the parent computer object may be lost.
NEWSupport for SCCM Remote Control viewer
NEW Starting with the v6.20 build High DPI awareness turned off. See the following KB article.
NEW Starting with the v6.20 build .Net 4.6 or newer is required.
NEW Remote Exec: Added ability to log output produced by a remote tool to a file.
NEW VNC viewer: Improved compatibility with Xvnc server.
NEW RDSH Sessions Manager: Client Address colument no uses EndPointAddress value if the ClientAddress property is empty.
NEW RDSH Settings Manager: Implemented support for configuration of additional settings (Enable Automatic Reconnection, Logons, Redirect Smart Cards, Use RD Easy Print Driver, User Permission).
FIX RDSH Sessions Manager: Display bitness is shown as 1 for 24 and 32 bit sessions.
FIX RDSH Settings Manager: Failure to connect to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 computers.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of UltraVNC v1.2.1.2.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of TightVNC v2.8.5.
NEW Built-in VNC viewer optimizations.
NEW Improved handling of scenarious when a folder with configuration profile settings is missing.
FIX SQL configuration profile: Active Directory computers that were dragged and dropped to a Register Computer folder weren't saved.
NEW Improvements to the network scan and Dynamic Search Folders. Implemented better handling of computers with changing IP address. Fixed several race conditions.
NEW Deprecated support for installing SmartCode VNC Manager on Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. The minimum supported OSes are: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. The management tools continue to support the deprecated OSes.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: UltraVNC: Support for primary, secondary and max CPU settings.
NEW Support for sending console messages via msg.exe (see the following KB article:
FIX High-DPI display related fixes.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of UltraVNC v1.2.1.1.
FIX SQL Configuration Profile: Unable to create database if the database name contains spaces.
FIX Crash when the Retry button is clicked in the Configuration Profile Failed to Load window.
FIX Miscellaneous bug fixes.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of UltraVNC v1.2.1.0.
FIX Several most reported app crashes have been fixed.
FIX Other bug fixes.
NEWSignificantly improved support for high DPI displays.
NEWAbility to change font size of the computers list (View->Zoom...).
NEWImproved performance of the built-in VNC viewer.
NEW Added support for TeamViewer v11 and Dameware v12.
NEW Ftp configuration profiles: improved support for secure ftp connections. Added support for TLS v1.2
NEW Improvements to the built-in SSH client.
NEW Deprecated support for Microsoft Virtual Server 2005.
NEWVNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of UltraVNC v1.2.0.9.
FIXWindows 10 compatibility fixes.
NEWSupport for Unicode clipboard transfers when connected to UltraVNC server.
NEWImproved compatibility with Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 R2.
FIX Installed Software Manager: Fixed sorting by Install Date column.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of UltraVNC v1.2.0.5.
NEW Improved compatibility with Amazon S3.
NEWTrial period will be reset.
FIX Failure to uinstall VNC remotely on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 based computers.
FIX Miscellaneous bug fixes.
FIX On rare occasions SmartCode VNC Manager crashes when remote server closes VNC connection.
NEW External Tools: Added ($COMPUTER_NAME) automatic variable.
NEW External Tools: Added ($COMPUTER_DESCR) automatic variable.
NEW Added support for TeamViewer v9 / v10 and Dameware v11.
FIX Other optimizations and bug fixes.
FIX Fixed security vulnerability TLS heartbeat read overrun (CVE-2014-0160).
FIX Other optimizations and bug fixes.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of RealVNC v5.0.6.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of TightVNC v2.7.10.
NEW Hyper-V related features have been updated with support for Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 and Windows 8 / 8.1
FIX Other optimizations and bug fixes.
FIX Fixed many problems related to layout problems when running on high DPI displays, for example Surface Pro. The Prefferences window still has some minor layout issues; we will be fixing those in the next update.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of RealVNC v5.0.5.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of TightVNC v2.7.7.
NEW Support for DameWare Mini Remote Control v10.0.
FIX Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Preview compatibility fixes.
FIX Other optimizations and bug fixes.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of RealVNC v5.0.3.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of TightVNC v2.6.4.
FIX VNC Deployment Wizard may report that a VNC has been uninstalled but the installation remains.
FIX Windows 8 compatibility fixes.
NEW VNC Viewer: Improved support for handling of so-called "dead" keys, for example accent key on Spanish keyboard.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of RealVNC v5.0.1.
FIX VNC Thumbnails view: System.OutOfMemoryException exception.
FIX AMT manager crashes if an invalid hostname is entered as a remote computer address.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of TightVNC v2.5.2.
NEW Added ability to link a Logon Credentials template to a Windows Credential Manager entry.
Future builds of the VNC Manager will include support for popular password managers, such as LastPast, Roboform and other.
FIXMinor bug fixes.
NEW VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of RealVNC v5.0.0.
NEW Reset VNC Server Password Wizard: Support for RealVNC v5.
FIXWindows 8 Release Preview compatibility fixes. Several other minor fixes and optimizations.
NEW VNC Thumbnails View: Added ability to control remote computer’s desktops from the thumbnails view. It has been made possible to switch between View-Only and Full Control modes.
NEW VNC Thumbnails View: Increased maximum item size from 500x500px to 1440x1440px.
NEW VNC and Hyper Thumbnails View: Now it's possible to add a new computer to the thumbnails view via the Quick Add control.
FIXRemote Exec: When a remote task is being executed, clicking on the Cancel button may fail to stop the executing process.
NEW When you attempt to close a VNC viewer tab or remove a VNC thumbnails view item that is in process of establishing connection to a remote computer, the VNC Manager no longer hangs and waits until the connection process is over.
FIX VNC thumbnails view and VNC viewer: Fixed a memory leak.
NEWSetup: In order to reduce the start-up time of SmartCode VNC Manager, we added the ability to pre-compile the application's assemblies with ngen.exe tool.
FIXLinked Active Directory computers lose inventory details (MAC, WMI inventory, etc).
FIXSeveral other minor fixes and optimizations.
NEWVNC Quick Uninstall settings and VNC Deployment Wizard uninstall task: Added "Skip the remaininig packages on first found" setting.
NEWVNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of TightVNC 2.5.1 (32/64 bit).
Note that after installing this build the following settings will be reset to their default values: Quick VNC Deployment - Uninstalla Packages, Detect Installed VNC Distributions. Saved VNC deployment jobs will be lost.
FIXHigh memory usage when VNC Thumbnails automatic screenshots feature is enabled.
NEWVNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of RealVNC Enterprise 4.6.3 (32/64 bit).
NEWRDP client: Added ability to enable/disable Credential Security Support Provider (enablecredsspsupport).
NEWImplemented Intel® AMT Power Control tool (Cold Restart, Cold Turn Off, Turn On).
NEWAdded "Quick Filter" to the Management and External tools lists.
NEWShutdown / Restart Computer tool has been enhanced with support for multiple threads and now resides in a modeless non-blocking window.
NEWVNC Thumbnails View: Improved performance when VNC Thumbnails View has large number of items added.
NEWQuick Filter: Filter Subgroups setting has been implemented for Virtual Connections
FIXVNC Manager may crash with System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException.
NEWLogMeIn: Added ability to open in embedded (tabbed) or via stand-alone web browser window.
NEWLogMeIn: Added ability to auto-fill login details.
NEWVirtual Connections: Added Hyper-V Virtual Machine Pass-Through connection. Note: it's still possible to establish a Hyper-V connection via a registered computer. The new feature offers more user-friendly way for establishing Hyper-V connections.
NEWQuick Search has been implemented for Virtual Connections items
NEWAdded Hyper-V Virtual Machine to the list of the supported Quick Connections
FIXThe LogMeIn Connection Url field does not allow entering url that contain more than 100 characters.
FIXVNC Manager crashes with System.InvalidCastException.
FIXRemote Tools: Duplicate tools may appear in the tools list.
FIXLicensing: Registration fails to store your serial number if the Organization field is empty.
NEWVNC viewer: Added support for SecureVNC v2.3 DSM plugin.
FIXVNC Deployment Wizard: Information about installed VNC distribution was not stored.
FIXVNC viewer: Upon establishing a connection scrollbars may not be visible.
NEWVNC Deployment Wizard: Updated UltraVNC deployment package to v1.
NEWVNC Deployment Wizard: UltraVNC deployment package has been updated to set SoftwareSASGeneration registry value to 1. On Windows 7 and newer OSes this allows Send Ctrl+Alt+Del feature to work properly.
NEWSSH and Telnet clients: Added Select Windows Text and Select All Text commands.
NEWLogin Credentials: Added Copy Username and Copy Password commands that allow quickly copy the username or password for selected credentials template to the Clipboard. This feature has been added to the Tools \ Options \ Logon Credentials and to the logon credentials selector window.
NEWAdded ability to register and launch LogMeIn and Windows Remote Assistance connections.
FIXSQL Configuration Profiles: One "WMI column" gets stored in the database.
NEWVNC viewer: When connected to an UltraVNC server running on Vista / Windows7, the Auto Reconnect feature has been fine tuned to better handle cases when UltraVNC server breaks connection upon user logoff.
NEWWMI Column feature: Minor improvements have been implemented.
FIXVNC Deployment Wizard fails to uninstall TightVNC 2.0.x.
NEWUI improvements. Made scrolling throw large management tools list much more user friendly.
NEWConnection History: Implemented ability to add and edit notes for connection events.
FIXPing Remote Computer may crash if an invalid address was entered.
FIXClicking F1 key while using built-in VNC/RDP/SSH viewer causes local help window to appear.
FIXMultiple minor fixes and performance improvements.
NEWShow uptime of a remote computer. This feature can be turned on/off via Tools \ Options \ Computer Status Scan \ Runtime Inventory.
NEWComputer Status Updater: Several performance related improvements have been implemented.
NEWNEW: Updated with support for TeamViewer 7
NEWWMI Columns: Improved handling of cases when one of the WMI properties is not supported by the WMI class.
FIXAll Active Directory related features have been updated to being able to handle distinguished paths that contain special characters
FIXRDP client: Taskbar may be visible in the Full Screen mode.
NEWAdded Password Generator tool
NEWRegistry Editor: Added ability to browse HKEY_USERS registry branch
NEWIn the Tools \ Options, added ability to re-order Remote Tools
FIXUpon application restart VNC thumbnails view contains entries with empty names
NEWRemote Desktop Services Sessions Manager: Allows you to list and manage (disconnect / logoff /message) Remote Desktop Services sessions.
NEWRemote Desktop Services Settings Manager: Implemented several usability improvements.
NEWLinked Active Directories: Rename, change Description and ManagedBy attributes for Organizational Units.
NEWLinked Active Directories: Added CN=Computers container.
NEWAbility to pass TeamViewer Partner ID and Password to an external tool. Ability to pass password can be useful if you use TeamViewer as an External Tool and want to establish a direct connection to a TeamViewer instance.
NEWTeam Viewer connection settings have been made "settings inheritance" aware.
FIXIncludes several Linked Active Directories, Settings Inheritance related and other minor fixes.
NEWLinked Active Directories: Ability to add an Active Directory to the VNC Manager's tree.
NEWTrial period will be reset.
FIXOptimizations and bug fixes.
FIXDynamic Search Folders: Scanned computers ignore parent folder settings inheritance.
FIXYou may receive NullRefference error when you attempt to refresh an Entire Network folder.
FIXOther minor fixes.
NEWVNC / RDP viewers: Added support for Ctrl+Alt+Break (Switch Full-screen Mode) keyboard shortcut.
NEWVNC viewer: Added "Send Ctrl Key" command to the full-screen toolbar.
NEWChanged behavior of the Quick Connect command. Now if the Quick Connect text box is empty, the hostname of the currently selected object will be used instead.
NEWDropbox /Amazon S3 / FTP configuration profiles: Added ability to refresh configuration settings from server.
FIXVNC / RDP viewers: Window frame is visible on an adjustment monitor when VNC/RDP viewer is used in the full screen mode.
FIXVNC viewer: in the full-screen mode, when the top toolbar is pinned, it remains on top of other windows.
NullReferenceException when using VNC viewer in the full-screen mode.
FIXVNC viewer: "Empty desktop size" error when accepting listening connection from or establishing connection to a TightVNC server without password set.
NEWVNC viewer: Added support for sending Ctrl+Alt+Del command to a remote computer via Ctrl+Alt+End keyboard shortcut. This feature can be disabled via Tools \ Options \ Common Settings \ Built-in Remote Clients.
FIXVNC viewer: Scrollbars displayed in the full screen mode when the remote screen resolution is the same as the local screen resolution.
FIXMinor UI fixes.
NEWVNC thumbnails view: Added ability to switch active monitor (UltraVNC only running on computers with multiple monitors).
NEWVNC viewer: Added "Send Ctrl+Alt+Del Upon Successful Connection" setting. By default this setting is turned off. It can be enabled via Tools \ Options \ Common Settings \ Built-in Remote Clients.
NEWGot rid of the "Please Wait…" modal window that was shown while Entire Network entries are being fetched.
NEWFaster handling of configuration profiles with large (hundreds) number of registered computers.
FIXMultiple bug fixes. 5/Aug/2011
NEW: VNC Deployment Wizard: TightVNC deployment package has been updated to the v2.0.4.
FIX: When SQL configuration profile is used, information about detected VNC distribution is lost after exiting and re-launching the application. 1/Aug/2011
FIX: VNC viewer: Minor bug fixes. 19/July/2011
NEW: Domain Membership Manager: Simplified the user interface. All the commands now attempt to use the logon credentials associated with a registered computer first and prompt the user to enter the credentials if the default credentials didn't work.
FIX: Minor fixes to the VNC Thumbnails view. 13/July/2011
NEW: Task Manager: Added ability to show per process CPU usage.
Requires the following hotfix to work properly on Windows Server 2003:
NEW: Remote Exec window has been made modeless. Other minor UI improvements.
FIX: Task Manager: Application crash may occur if a column (Options \ Select Columns) was added or removed while a list of processes is being fetched. 4/July/2011
NEW: VNC Viewer: When using the built-in VNC viewer with “screen stretch” mode enabled, you can switch between GDI and GDI+ scaling modes. The GDI+ mode delivers much nice looking results. Use Tools \ Options \ Common Settings \ Built-in Remote Clients \ VNC Viewer \ “Screen Stretch rendering engine” to switch between GDI and GDI+ screen scaling engines. Click here for more details.
NEW: Checking for updates through a proxy server. Use Tools \ Options \ Common Settings \ Software Updates to adjust your proxy connection settings. 29/June/2011
NEW: Quick Connect text box has been added to the viewer form toolbar.
FIX: It might take several seconds for the Registered Computer Properties window to appear.
FIX: You may receive "Key not found" error when attempt to launch a remote connection.
FIX: You may receive "Unable to get value of the property AutoCompleteSaveForm" error while using the built-in web browser.
FIX: Launching a Quick Connect command from a viewer tab causes VNC Manager to crash.
FIX: VNC Manager crashes when you attempt to execute Add to Hyper-V Thumbnails View command on an Entire Network computer. 24/June/2011
FIX: UltraVNC deployment package has been updated to fix not working Ctrl+Alt+Del on Vista / Windows Server 2008. RTM 21/June/2011
NEW: Settings Configuration profiles that allow you to create multiple SmartCode VNC Manager configurations and switch between them.
NEW: Settings Configuration Profiles: support for
NEW: Settings Configuration Profiles: support for Amazon S3
NEW: Settings Configuration Profiles: support for FTP and FTPS
NEW: Settings Configuration Profiles: support for Microsoft SQL Server
NEW: Settings Configuration Profiles: support for Microsoft SQL Azure
NEW: Added support for TeamViewer, DameWare Mini Remote Control and HP Remote Graphics clients
NEW: New connection history implementation with ability to quickly jump from a connection history log entry to the corresponding registered computer.
NEW: Built-in SSH client has been updated to support wider range of SSH servers.
NEW: Added Start/Stop/Pause Hyper-V Virtual Machine command to the registered computer context menu
NEW: Fetch Logged On Users: Ability to switch between the Registry Scan and WMI Query methods. Click here for more information.
NEW: Added ability to show result of a WMI query as part of the registered computers list. Click here for more information.
NEW: Ability to switch between ARP (local subnet) and WMI (any network) methods for querying MAC address during registered computers updating. Use Tools \ Options \ Registered Computer Status Check page to configure MAC query settings
NEW: Ability to link Credentials Templates to a Registered Computer entry. Click here for more information.
NEW: Ability to initiate connections and open built-in management tools via command line arguments. Click here for more information.
NEW: VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for UltraVNC deployment.
NEW: VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for TightVNC 2.0.3 deployment.
NEW: VNC viewer: Support for legacy VNC servers (such as RealVNC 3.3.7) that use RFB v3.3 protocol
NEW: VNC viewer: Improved compatibility with Mac OS X VNC Server
NEW: VNC viewer: added support for IPv6
NEW: Dynamic Search Folders: Added "Clear Computers List for All Folders" command.
NEW: Dynamic Search Folders: Added "Copy Dynamic Search Folders Settings" command. Click here for more information.
NEW: Export to Text File feature in all the management tools has been updated with the following enhancements: Export to Microsoft Excel file, better handling of data with commas and new line separators and ability to filter data before exporting
NEW: Open Network Share context menu command can use a registered computer log on credentials to open a network share in the Windows Explorer. Note: this feature is turned of by default. Use Tools \ Options \ Registered Computers List \ Context Menu page to turn it on. Click here for more information.
NEW: Added Quick Connect text field that allows you to establish a remote connection without need to open the Quick Connect window.
Latest Versions
Download SmartCode VNC Manager Buy or renew SmartCode VNC Manager license SmartCode VNC Manager 1808.5 (November 8, 2018)
Download SmartCode ViewerX VNC Viewer ActiveX Buy or renew SmartCode ViewerX VNC Viewer ActiveX ViewerX VNC Viewer ActiveX 3.8.3 (October 28, 2018)

I have been using SmartCode VNC Manager for a month now and find that for the price vs. the features this is by far the best I have used. I tested over 15 different products and chose SmartCode VNC Manager as it's exactly what I need to manage more than 80% of my PC network on a daily basis. I have been very happy with the product and look forward to its use for years to come.

Bob Brooks

Network Administrator

What is really beautiful about SmartCode VNC Manager is that it can automatically detect all the computers in the network regardless of their domain and it can scan them for VNC, RDP and SSH connections. Even more, this SmartCode VNC Manager brings a VNC deployment wizard that allows you to install the VNC clients on remote computers.

I want to take this opportunity to thank S-Code for both their brilliant product and stellar customer support. Rarely do I deal with a software development company that displays such customer dedication as S-Code. Your ongoing support, active forum participation, and willingness to promptly adapt your customers ideas has played a big part in our continued subscription to S-Code, and our overall trust in using your product.

Graeme Lucas

IT Support

What a great product! I've been looking for a solution that can manage our always changing network and allow our engineers support our desktop machines without running all over the facility. SmartCode VNC Manager is it! In one evening, I deployed VNC using your Deployment wizard to over 200 PC's at the office, all while sitting on my couch at home. This just rocks. I will be suggesting this product to our corporate helpdesk tomorrow morning.

Cory Schruth

IT admin

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