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SmartCode ViewerX VNC Viewer ActiveX gives developers full access to VNC viewer features using a set of intuitive ActiveX properties and methods. With ViewerX control, developers can easily provide screen sharing and remote control capabilities to their applications.

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SmartCode ViewerX
Release Notes

Date Changes
FIX: Stability fixes.
NEW: Improved compatibility with UltraVNC / SecureVNC DSM plug-in.
NEW: The ability to align remote screen within ViewerX ActiveX control boundaries. See the new values that have been added to the ScreenStretchMode enum.
NEW: The NTLM login window is pre-initialized with the current user name and domain if no credentials have been set via the API.
NEW: ViewerX now has a separate binary that must be used under Windows XP. The file is located under %ProgramFiles(x86)%\SmartCode Solutions\ViewerX VNC Viewer ActiveX\ActiveX\Windows XP\
FIX: ViewerX makes the hosting application window active when a connection uppon esteblishing a connection.
FIX: 64-bit build may crash while perfoming UltraVNC NTLM authentication.
FIX: Cancel button is not visible on the password prompt screen.
NEW: Improved compatibility with Xvnc server.
NEW: Various rendering optimizations and fixes.
NEW: Implemented support for libjpeg-turbo. This allows to accelerate decompression and processing of jpeg images.
FIX: Miscellaneous bug fixes.
FIX: Stability and security fixes.
NEW: Support for unicode clipboard transfers when connected to UltraVNC server.
FIX: On rare occasions ViewerX crashes when remote server closes VNC connection.
FIX: Stability and security fixes.
FIX: Security vulnerability TLS heartbeat read overrun (CVE-2014-0160).
FIX: Stability fixes.
FIX: Windows 8 compatibility fixes.
NEW: Improved support for handling of so-called "dead" keys, for example accent key on Spanish keyboard.
NEW: If the Disconnect() method was called while an asynchronous connection (ConnectAsync) is still being established, it would return immediately. Previously the Disconnect() method would hang until a connection has been established.
FIX: Fixed a memory leak.
NEW: Changed the way how ViewerX renders screen updates when the UpdatesRequestInterval property is set to non-zero value.
FIX: Calling SetDormant(bool) method may result in the application crash.
NEW: Added support for SecureVNC v2.3 DSM plugin.
FIX: Upon establishing a connection scrollbars may not be visible.
NEW: When connected to an UltraVNC server running on Vista / Windows7, the Auto Reconnect feature has been fine tuned to better handle cases when UltraVNC server breaks connection upon user logoff.
FIX: Application may hang when Auto Reconnect window appears.
NEW: ConnectingText, DisconnectedText, ListeningText properties now support Unicode strings.
FIX: "Empty desktop size" error when accepting listening connection from or establishing connection to a TightVNC server without password set.
FIX: ConnectionAccepted event gets sent after Disconnected event.
NEW: Added support for sending Ctrl+Alt+Del command to a remote computer via Ctrl+Alt+End keyboard shortcut. See IScVxAdvancedSettings::HotKeyCtrlAltDel and IScVxAdvancedSettings::EnableHotKeyCtrlAltDel properties for more information.
FIX: Fine-tuned scrollbars behavior.
FIX: Minor bug fixes.
NEW: Added ScreenStretchRenderingQuality property. When the screen stretching mode is enabled, this property allows you to switch between GDI and GDI+ based screen scaling engine. Starting with this build, by default, ViewerX uses GDI+ (Low Quality) scaling mode.
FIX: It takes too long to establish connection to a computer that has IPv4 and IPv6 addresses assigned.
NEW: Improved compatibility with Mac OS X VNC Server
NEW: ConnextXXX functions have been updated to support Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).
NEW: Support for legacy VNC servers (such as RealVNC 3.3.7) that use RFB v3.3 protocol.
NEW: API: Event OnMouseMove - allows tracking of the mouse cursor movements.
NEW: Support for UltraVNC Server with RFB protocol v3.8. This enables file-transfer with servers and fixes "Unsupported security type" message that you would receive if you had tried to connect to an UltraVNC with NTLM authentication.
C# sample project has been modified to use ViewerX as registration-free COM component.
FIX: Minor fixes.
CHANGED: SendMousePointerEvent was made compatible to work with any VNC server. In the previous builds it was working with UltraVNC server only.
FIX: Stability fixes.
FIX: When using non-English keyboard layout some characters may appear as question marks.
NEW: SecureVNC v2.2.4.0 DSM plug-in support. See the API reference on IScVxUltraSecurity_SecureVNC interface for more details.
FIX: Mouse clicks handled incorrectly if Chinese, Japanese or Korean language is set as the default input method.
04/14/10 RTM
NEW: Brand new rendering engine implementation. The engine uses less CPU and renders screen updates much faster comparing to the previous versions.
NEW: Ability to reconnect automatically to a VNC server in the event of a network disconnection. To support this feature new EnableAutoReconnect property and OnAutoReconnecting event have been added.
NEW: Added support for Ultra, ZYWRLE, and Cache encodings.
NEW: ColorDepth property allows to specify the number of colors used. Currently full colors, 256 colors, 64 colors, and 8 colors palettes are supported. This property deprecates the RestrictPixel property.
NEW: New events have been added that allow logging of messages sent/received via UltraVNC chat.
NEW: GetScreenBitmapScaled method has been implemented. In the previous builds this method was returning black&white image.
NEW: event OnDisableRemoteInputChanged. Fired when ViewerX receives new "disable remote input" state from VNC server.
NEW: OuterBackgroundColor property has been added. It sets the outer background color. This background color is used to paint the background when the ViewerX size is larger than the remote screen.
FIX: Fixed several stability issues.
FIX: Screen is no longer updated after sending or receiving files via UltraVNC file transfer.
FIX: If application creates multiple ViewerX instances that use Tight encoding + JPEG compression may cause random crashes.
FIX: Screen artifacts in form of horizontal lines may appear when ZlibHex encodings is used.
FIX: File Transfer window appears instead of the chat window when chat is initiated from the server side.
NEW: ViewerX 64-bit version is now available. The installer now installs 32-bit and 64-bit ViewerX binaries.
FIX: Fails to establish connection via HTTP proxy.
FIX: In a multi-monitor configuration, "Enter Login Credentials" window was always displayed on the primary monitor.
FIX: If CursorTrackingMode is set VCT_NO_CURSOR(0) mouse cursor may disappear when hovering over scrollbars.
FIX: Moving mouse cursor with "screen stretching" mode enabled may leave trailing marks on the screen.
NEW: ISmartCodeVNCViewer2::SendCustomKeyEx - sends key up or key down notifications to a remote VNC server.
NEW: Support for "per-user" COM registration.
FIX: Cannot open more than one ViewerX instance with DSM encryption enabled.
NEW: Enchanced support for UltraVNC file transfers.
NEW API: ISmartCodeVNCViewer2::SwitchMultiMonitor, IScVxCapabilities::SwitchMultiMonitor - Allows you to switching between displays. UltraVNC server specific feature.
NEW API: ISmartCodeVNCViewer2::UVNCS_KeyData, IScVxUltraVNCSecurity::KeyData - Sets RC4 key in form of SAFEARRAY of bytes.
NEW API: ISmartCodeVNCViewer2::UVNCS_KeyDataAsHexStr, IScVxUltraVNCSecurity::KeyDataAsHexStr - Sets RC4 key in form of HEX string. Each byte must be represented by two hexadecimal characters. If the byte value can be represented by a single hex character it must be padded with zero value. For example, 0F.
NEW API: ISmartCodeVNCViewer2::UVNCS_KeyStorage, IScVxUltraVNCSecurity::KeyStorage - Specifies which key storage ViewerX must use to read RC4 key data. RC4 key can be passed to ViewerX as path to external RC4 file, binary SAFEARRAY, or in form of HEX string.
FIX: ViewerX fails to repaint itself properly when screen stretching mode is turned on.
NEW: SOCKS5 (username/password) proxy support.
NEW: Improved the error diagnostic in case if ViewerX was unable to establish a VNC connection.
NEW: Aspect ratio screen stretching mode support (ScreenStretchMode::SSM_ASPECT)
FIX: Scrollbars aren't visible after establishing connection to a server with screen resolution larger than ViewerX window size.
FIX: Destroying ViewerX while VNC file transfer window is visible may result in a crash.
FIX: On rare occasions, ViewerX may hand while closing VNC connection.
FIX: Security fix CVE-2007-2526
NEW: ISmartCodeVNCViewer::AuthenticationFailed event allows to suppress the password prompt dialog.
FIX: Cannot move ViewerX in Visual Basic 6 designer.
NEW: Ability to select "single window" (UltraVNC server only).
NEW: Enable/Disable remote input (UltraVNC server only).
FIX: Rendering problems when running in the stretched mode
NEW: Support for UltraVNC MSRC4 DSM plug-in v1.2.2.
FIX: Attempt to establish connection via SOCKS5 proxy server crashes ViewerX.
NEW: Support for UltraVNC 1.0.2 NTLM (MSLogon v2) authentication.
Implemented workaround for a Delphi forms bug: ViewerX doesn't send keyboard events when hosted inside Delphi application.
FIX: Stability fixes.
FIX: TightVNC and UltraVNC file transfers are broken.
NEW: UltraVNC DSM plug-in support.
NEW: UltraVNC Single-Click server support.
NEW: ZRLE encoding support.
CHANGES: Starting from this build, the control intercepts Alt key presses and doesn't pass them to the parent container.
FIX: Ctrl-C, Home, End and some other keys might not work when the control is hosted inside Internet Explorer.
FIX: Fixes in the UltraVNC file transfer.
FIX: ISmartCodeVNCViewer2::ListenEx uses default port value instead of a custom one.
NEW: Support for UltraVNC file transfer.
NEW METHODS: ISmartCodeVNCViewer2::SendCustomKey
NEW: Support for UltraVNC Repeater proxy.
NEW: Better handling of remote screen resolution changes. ServerDimension event is now fired on every screen resolution change.
FIX: Background painting problem errors if ViewerX control window size is bigger than remote screen size.
FIX: Visual Basic sample project fails to instantiate ActiveX control.
FIX: Values of ListeningText, DisconnectedText, ConnectingText properties are invalid when loading control from persistent storage.
NEW: Support for UltraVNC chat (ISmartCodeVNCViewer2::OpenChat).
NEW: Help file updated with IScVxCapabilities interface description.
FIX: Artifacts when control is in Stretching mode.
FIX: Minor fixes in file transfer dialog.
NEW: Synchronized with latest TightVNC 1.3dev6 release.
FIX: ViewerX might freeze if VNC server goes down.
CHANGED: Rebuild with renewed software signing certificate.
NEW: Added support for the latest TightVNC 1.3dev5 and RealVNC 4.0 features.
NEW PROPERTIES: ISmartCodeVNCViewer2::AltKeyPressed, ISmartCodeVNCViewer2::CtrlKeyPressed
NEW METHODS: ISmartCodeVNCViewer2::OpenFileTransfer, ISmartCodeVNCViewer2::SendCtrlEsq
FIX: ViewerX fails to verify design-time license on Windows 2000 based computers.
FIX: Internet Explorer stops resolving URLs after refreshing HTML page with ViewerX control.
NEW: Added ConnectedText, DisconnectedText, and ListeningText properties
CHANGES: Minor changes in the control resizing handling.
FIX: On some installations, ViewerX repositions itself to the upper left corner inside container window.
FIX: When running inside a Web Browser, ViewerX loses input focus after browser window has been restored from minimized state.
NEW: Help file updated with information about deploying ViewerX to a Web server.
NEW: PLK license file has been included in installation package.
NEW: Listening VNC viewer has been implemented. Now ViewerX control can listen for incoming VNC server connections.
FIX: High CPU usage when working in "stretched mode".
01/07/04 Initial release
Latest Versions
Download SmartCode VNC Manager Buy or renew SmartCode VNC Manager license SmartCode VNC Manager 1808.6 (December 26, 2018)
Download SmartCode ViewerX VNC Viewer ActiveX Buy or renew SmartCode ViewerX VNC Viewer ActiveX ViewerX VNC Viewer ActiveX 3.8.3 (October 28, 2018)

I have been using SmartCode VNC Manager for a month now and find that for the price vs. the features this is by far the best I have used. I tested over 15 different products and chose SmartCode VNC Manager as it's exactly what I need to manage more than 80% of my PC network on a daily basis. I have been very happy with the product and look forward to its use for years to come.

Bob Brooks

Network Administrator

What is really beautiful about SmartCode VNC Manager is that it can automatically detect all the computers in the network regardless of their domain and it can scan them for VNC, RDP and SSH connections. Even more, this SmartCode VNC Manager brings a VNC deployment wizard that allows you to install the VNC clients on remote computers.

I want to take this opportunity to thank S-Code for both their brilliant product and stellar customer support. Rarely do I deal with a software development company that displays such customer dedication as S-Code. Your ongoing support, active forum participation, and willingness to promptly adapt your customers ideas has played a big part in our continued subscription to S-Code, and our overall trust in using your product.

Graeme Lucas

IT Support

What a great product! I've been looking for a solution that can manage our always changing network and allow our engineers support our desktop machines without running all over the facility. SmartCode VNC Manager is it! In one evening, I deployed VNC using your Deployment wizard to over 200 PC's at the office, all while sitting on my couch at home. This just rocks. I will be suggesting this product to our corporate helpdesk tomorrow morning.

Cory Schruth

IT admin

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