ServerX VNC Server ActiveX Overview

Buy Now SmartCode ServerX VNC Server control is a VNC server implemented as an ActiveX component, which makes it extremely easy for you to integrate VNC server features into your Web or desktop applications. In the simplest scenario, you would add the ServerX ActiveX component to your project, place the ServerX instance on a form, and modify the ActiveX properties if desired. That's it - you just created an application with a VNC Server embedded in it.

ServerX Features Highlight:
Supports all features that can be found in a standard VNC server.
Includes UltraVNC Repeater proxy support.
Includes UltraVNC DSM encryption plug-in support.
Exposes VNC server functionality through a powerful set of ActiveX control properties and methods.
Can be used inside a desktop or Web-based application.
Available in both 32 and 64-bit versions.
VNC Server ActiveX Diagram

The diagram above depicts one of the possible scenarios for using ServerX VNC Server ActiveX. This scenario shows a situation where a technical support person needs to login to a customer's computer and fix something.

  1. The end-user opens a Web page located on the technical support company's web site. This page has ServerX hosted on it.
  2. After the page with ServerX gets downloaded Internet Explorer installs the ActiveX component, starts VNC server and executes a JavaScript that tells ServerX to establish a connection to UltraVNC Repeater server.
  3. A technical support engineer establishes a VNC connection to the Repeater server using the same connection ID and is now able to remotely control the end-user's computer.
  4. After the technician finishes working with the end-user’s computer, the end-user closes the Internet Explorer window, the ServerX control shuts down. And the user’s computer no longer has the VNC server running.