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[...] The interface is perfectly drawn, both in terms of ergonomy of the features as well as design, providing the user with a pervasive view over the tools, customization of the features and quick VNC connections.

Softpedia Review - Excellent

[...] VNC deployment wizard works like a charm and is an extraordinary addition to the software, just like the set of built-in tools.

[...] Everything seems to be at hand and if not, a click away. The manager brings to the table all a network administrator needs in order to perform network actions easily and from the distance.

[...] The interface is overwhelming with options and connection types and frankly, for this kind of money, I wouldn't have expected anything else. The suite includes built-in tools, wizards and external tools and these make for every utensil any network administrator would need to work from afar: device manager, event log manager, installed software manager, printer access, service manager, shutdown/reboot, task manager, remote command execution, registry editor access, ping tool or Windows computer manager.

[...] What is really beautiful about SmartCode VNC Manager is that it can automatically detect all the computers in the network regardless of their domain and it can scan them for VNC, RDP and SSH connections. Even more, this SmartCode VNC Manager brings a VNC deployment wizard that allows you to install the VNC clients on remote computers.

[...] Although it appears to be so, SmartCode VNC Manager is not a complex piece of software, as the options and features are clearly defined in the interface supplying the user a clear-cut view and easy reach to all functions. The well-designed application makes for a fantastically comfortable VNC manager, being able to deploy VNC installations/uninstalls, provide multiple connections view, plus a plethora of built-in tools to handle or pinpont problems on the remote machine.

See the full review at Softpedia.com

- Ionut Ilascu, Editor, Sofpedia.com Software Reviews

I did purchase the standard version of Smartcode VNC Manager... two copies actually. One for me and one for one of our clients.

I used it this weekend for the first time. I logged on to their computer from my office, and then using the other copy i purchased, i connected to that and connected that copy to all their desktops... I set them up as you suggested using Registered Computers. I had been using mRemote and have also used Terminals .. I have also demo’d more of this type of software than i can tell you. Your’s was THE BEST.... I am sure you saved me an hour of time today... The way you allow the remote mouse to be configured the the various choices is excellent.. This was the first time I had a real mouse using a desktop manager. Also I worked on a bunch of computers and your program never crashed once.

And its VERY cool how, if you log off a computer, your software continues to try to reconnect .. Just VERY cool software.... I hope you never take away any of the features.. they are just excellent.
- Jeanette Rainal, IT Consultant
Thank you S-Code for making my live so much easier in controlling a lots of special workloads on a hundred servers in different environments. SmartCode VNC Manager is the swiss army knife of my daily business.
- Dirk Eisenberg
Software.Informer Editor's pick award I have been using SmartCode VNC Manager for a month now and find that for the price vs. the features this is by far the best I have used. I tested over 15 different products and chose SmartCode VNC Manager. It was made for System Admin’s as the utilities are exactly what I need to manage more than 80% of my PC network on a daily basis. I have been very happy with the product and look forward to its use for years to come.
- Bob Brooks, Network Systems Administrator, Greene County Combined Health District
We are a small IT shop. A few years ago we had to make the transition from a Novell based network to a Windows one. The SmartCode VNC Manager gave us back the tools we lost giving up Netware and Zenworks. Along with Windows 2008, the VNC manager filled in the gap. It is a highly valued product. Like a fine wine, it gets better with age.
- Shane Van Loenen, Network Administrator, Dodge County (State of Wisconsin)
I really like (and use daily) VNC Manager - it makes keeping track of my customers plant floor based touchscreens for our data collection system a breeze!
- Charles G. Koczan, President, Integrated Technology Group, Inc.
I have used VNC Manager for five years and have been most satisfied. The product has worked great and has saves me countless miles on my vehicle and allowed me to better manage our organization since I didn’t have to spend all my time on the road fixing things I could do from my desk via VNC Manager.
- Darryl Roberts, IT/Network Manager, SEMO Health Network
Everyone who sees VNC Manager freaks out! Awesome, awesome product. I’m definitely a VNC Manager evangelist!
- Scott White, Infrastructure Engineer, Handy Hardware Wholesale, Inc.
SmartCode VNC Mangager: so much more than VNC. Quite possibly the best system tool I have ever used.
- Karl
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It works flawlessly, I will be demonstrating this to my colleagues tomorrow and this will surely make their day. No more manually establishing connections. Thank you again for your hard work on this, I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate this feature.
- Kenji D’Aguiar, Server Operations, Brevard County Library Systems
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank S-Code for both their brilliant product and stellar customer support. As with all software products, there are bugs and problems, that is normal. But rarely do I deal with a software development company that displays such customer dedication as S-Code. Your ongoing support, active forum participation, and willingness to promptly adapt your customers ideas and thoughts has, I believe played a big part in our continued subscription to S-Code, and our overall trust in using your product. I would just like to say your hard word and dedication is appreciated, so keep up the good work!
- Graeme Lucas, IT Support
I need to let you know how much your product has helped us. CCAP is a not-for-profit agency that runs programs to fight poverty. We have 3 health clinics, a food pantry, and help kids who have left school get educated and employed, among other things. We currently have about 250 employees and almost as many computers. With an IT staff of 2 people and nearly 12 buildings to support, I calculated last year that I was spending over 25% of my time traveling between buildings…all wasted time. Once we put the network infrastructure in place and I started using SmartCode VNC Manager, that dropped to below 10%. I now have some additional people supporting IT and that’s why I bought the 5 additional licenses. And we haven’t even explored all of the features yet.
A former boss of mine once told me “do one thing and do it better than anyone”…seems like this fits with your business model.Thanks for a dependable, valuable product. Worth every penny.
- Edward Z., Information Systems Director, Comprehensive Community Action Program
VNC Manager Customer Quotes Dear developers,
What a great product! I've been looking for a solution that can manage our always changing network and allow our engineers support our desktop machines without running all over the facility. Smartcode VNC Manager is it! In one evening, I deployed VNC using your Deployment wizard to over 200 PC's at the office, all while sitting on my couch at home. This just rocks. I will be suggesting this product to our corporate helpdesk tomorrow morning.
- Cory Schruth, Clear Channel Radio
Just installed the 6.0.11 and tried out the Custom WMI filtering for the Registered computers...SWEET! Thanks for the great product. This feature will definitively save time.
- Shane
Absolutely brilliant. I mailed you last saterday about this and you're giving me a custom change the next Monday. And in the meanwhile today is a official holiday in Singapore, which means you answered and resolved my problem within 0 working days. Great service, thank you.
- Geert van Zoest; Servicedesk Associate; Centric IT Solutions
Your quality and speed of support certainly deserves recognition! This effectively expunges any reservations we had for VNC Manager.
- Hee Joon Pak; IT Administrator
Thank you, your program is the best. I would have to leave IT if I couldn’t use it.
- Greg B., Director of IT, FutureVision Technologies
This program has helped tremendously for monitoring and remote support on our large campus.
- Graham F., IT Administrator, Kearsney College
This software (VNC Manager) is amazing, and I thoroughly enjoy using it. Absolutely amazing in our environment.
- David Barnes; Systems Administrator, Hospital Patient Services
After setting this up on my workstation, I was able to then reach out to every other workstation on the LAN (and 3 other cities via our VPN), uninstall the old version of VNC, install the package of my choice (TightVNC), pass along any changes to the registry I wanted made, configure the clients exactly how I wanted.... and I sat back and let it do all of this automatically - what would have taken me DAYS to do across our network. I removed the icon for the VNC server (so the user doesn't know when management is peeking) via a passed on registry entry. Never had to leave my office! Now I have a full list of all available VNC workstations in front of me - even with a really cool thumbnail view of each desktop. Plus, you can start and stop the services by remote, run external program and even uninstall MSI installed software. Just a really great package all around. The best VNC manager I've seen yet.
- Feedback from Download.com product listing page
Just installed the upgraded version. This program is ABSOLUTELY amazing! Love it!!
- Leo Ternes, IT Manager, Kirkwood Bank and Trust
I've been testing out VNC Manager v5 beta, and really love it.
- Andrew DeMerchant; Computer Technologist, GEMTEC Limited
By the way what an amazing product, I’ve been a big fan and user of Smartcode for years, we have referred a few customers in the past but now plan to re-sell it more proactively.
Very impressive all the new features you are releasing all the time. I don’t think there is any management product which even compares to Smartcode… Look forward to all future releases.
- Xerxes Zoppos; Director, EZIS Ltd.
Thanks for your help. You went above and beyond anything I have ever seen from a vendor.
software I am extremely happy with the software and it's functionality.
- Paul Dorr; iServe Technologies, Inc
Thank you SO much for working with me on this. We use ya’lls program RELIGIOUSLY! I do not even manually try to start a VNC session. Almost forget how!
I really love your product and will continue to use it. Thanks for all your hard work!
- Jeremy Peeler; Director of Technology, Jefferson ISD
Your software has rocked and helped me manage a large set of customers easily.
- Chris Hollyman; Omniserve Pty Ltd
I downloaded the trial version and tried it in the way I'll be using it and it looks like it will greatly simply my life and improve performance. I proceeded and purchased the single license with lifetime support. I'm very impressed so far. Up until now, I've been using pcAnywhere which is slow.
- Kevin Scharnhorst, KS Consulting
I just wanted to say that from a person who provides Tier I & II support to many remote medical imaging clients, your product has made my life sooooooooo.... much more organized and easy.
- Richard Lazik, Avreo, Inc.
I really love your product and we decided to use this throughout our facility. We currently have 3 IT personal and we will all use the product to ease our remote control and help desk duties.
- Andre Duplantier, Network Administrator, Tembec USA
I've been using this product for 2 years. It's a real pleasure to actually have a software product that makes your job easier.
- Tim Dahl, IT Director, West Gate Bank
The Star News has been using the VNC Manager for about 6 months. There are 4 IT personnel to assist 200 end users. We support virtually every major OS made we also support a remote site about 40 miles from the Home office this is about an hour trip one way so we use VNC Manager as our primary remote support tool. We support 15+ servers remotely for running maintenance and updates. We are able to do on line support and training as necessary. The ability to assist the users remotely helps the IT department effectively manage critical issues immediately and quickly. The Star News is a media and newspaper that has been publishing daily for over 100 years. The Star News has about 50 thousand subscribers that depend on us and the timely delivery of our news. Using VNC Manager has made the ability to support our network easier and cost effective.
- Bill James, www.starnewsonline.com
With hundreds of users, managing my network would be a real chore without VNC Manager. The features included with VNC Manager have literally saved me hundreds of hours of work in addition to allowing me to instantly assist anyone on my network.
- Chad M., Tom Addis Automotive Group
VNC Manager is the best product I have used in many years, and I have been in the industry since 1983.
- Pete Hartz, Fair Isaac Corporation
Your product is the best. There's no real competition for the great product you have to offer.
- Jeffrey Lee, Carceron Systems Group
I love VNC Manager and I have already sold it to some of my clients to manage their networks. I never thought it would completely replace DameWare, but it has.
- Kenneth Godwin
We are one of the owners of enterprise licence for SmartCode VNC Manager. I can only say that this is a great tool and I can not imagine how it would be without it.
- Bogdan Strmec, IT Administrator, Novo Nordisk A/S
I have been looking for a while for an app to perform half of the things yours does! Previously I'd been using two other apps and still having problems getting the things done as I desired. I particularly like the customizable scripts/utilities features. Great job and you will be getting an order from us for a few copies very soon.
- Paul Sampson, Combined Universities In Cornwall
VNC Manager Enterprise Edition Rocks. You can can control all your computers from one program. Save yourself hundreds of hours of work and still have fun. This product has alot to grow but I belive that if you stick with SmartCode Soulutions they will take care of you... Looking foward to VNC Manager 3.0.
- Peter Wilcox, PC TECH 247
I've been meaning to drop you a line to let you know how much we enjoy your product. It provides a lot of value for its price. There are three of us here in our IT Department that use it on a daily basis. It certainly assists us in providing service to our employees at our branch sites -- a real time saver! We just keep the console running on our work stations and pop in to wherever we need to work. I also appreciate your prompt responses when I've had questions, too. I'd certainly recommend VNC Enterprise Manager to anyone who needs to administer any size network.
- David Wallace, ELGA Credit Union
Thank you! I did not expect to get a response so soon. Great job on your support, it is truly appreciated!
- Yancey B. Jones; SGT Inc
Excellent software makes administration a dream.
- Wayne Bennett; Network Engineer, Scottish Arts Council
By the way, I'm sure you know this, but the features in v3.0.x.x are sweet. You've made a valuable tool in VNC invaluable.
- Adam Marks, IntegraMed
I am currently testing VNC Manager and management is in the final stages of purchase. I and the people that I work with absolutely LOVE it.
- from the Forum posting
I bought a copy over a year ago and love it. Well, I installed the newest BETA version and found out I had to re-enter my reg code. To bad I never saved it. Your product is so good I just decided to by another copy.
- Brian Walworth, fitcheven.com