Press Release - SmartCode VNC Manager v5.0

PDF: SmartCode VNC Manager 5.0 Press Release
SmartCode Solutions Releases SmartCode VNC ManagerTM 5.0

Singapore – November 11, 2009 - SmartCode Solutions released the latest version of its flagship application SmartCode VNC Manager 5.0. The new release is powered with newest options for remote desktop connectivity such as Citrix ICA client, RAdmin, access desktop of Microsoft Hyper-V Server virtual machines, and built-in Web browser. SmartCode VNC Manager 5.0 expands the rich connection options of its previous version that offered support for VNC, RDP, SSH, Telnet and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005.

This new release will provide all of the features that IT managers have come to know and love plus new and enhanced features to make their jobs much easier. No longer is it necessary to use multiple tools to remotely manage your network.

According to Yury Averkiev Owner and Founder of SmartCode Solutions, “While there are similar tools on the marked, the unique selling point of our implementation is that our “managers” allow the IT staff to manage several computers from a single GUI interface.” SmartCode VNC Manager 5.0 allows you to manage Active Directory computers even if your computer belongs to a workgroup or domain different from the computer you are managing. These unique features provide a significant return on investment to your company by making your staff more efficient in managing your network.

Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Machines Thumbnails View
SmartCode VNC Manager was the first application on the market to offer VNC thumbnails view functionality. And now the latest v5.0 has raised the bar with the introduction of Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine thumbnails view.

New Management Features
SmartCode VNC Manager v5.0 have improved its existing management tools and also added some new tools. Among the newest additions, the Detect VNC Distribution tool and the WMI Query Management are prime inclusions. The new Detect VNC distribution tool enables the network administrators to identify the installed VNC distributions versions. The WMI Query Management gives an IT manager the ability to utilize power of WMI, without the complexity.

Improved Network Scanning
SmartCode VNC Manager v5.0 promises faster scanning of computer networks. The new version promises 300% - 500% faster network scanning in comparison to the previous version. Also the v5.0 introduces support for scanning for online Citrix ICA servers along with other types of scanning that were already supported by the previous version such as VNC, RDP, SSH, and Ping scans.

Pricing and Availability
A free 21-day trial of SmartCode VNC Manager 5.0 for Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/Windows 7 is available immediately at SmartCode VNC Manager 5.0 has a standard list price of $128.75 per Enterprise Edition license and $41.99 per Standard Edition license. Upgrade pricing is available for existing customers and volume discounts are offered for quantities of five or more.

About SmartCode Solutions
SmartCode Solutions is a leading developer maker of remote control and management software used by thousands of users around the world. Headquartered in Singapore, SmartCode Solutions is a high grow privately funded company. For more information please see