Press Release - SmartCode VNC Manager v3.0

SmartCode Solutions Releases New Version 3.0 of SmartCode VNC Manager
November 03, 2005
SmartCode VNC Manager v3.0 Provides Easier Management of Remote Computers

Singapore – November 3, 2005 – IT managers just got a lift in managing their networks. SmartCode Solutions, a provider of remote management software and consulting, today announced the newest version of its flagship product, SmartCode VNC Manager 3.0. This latest release offers new features that will help support staff more easily access remote computers, collect vital data for analysis, and increase the security of their connections. In addition, all capabilities previously possible with one server will now work with multiple servers.

Yury Averkiev Owner and Founder of SmartCode Solutions stated, “Businesses are implementing networks with remote workstations that require tighter central management and security. The new features in SmartCode VNC Manager offer our customers this control so they can adopt remote technologies with greater confidence.”

Enhanced RDP Support
Increasing support for the Remote Desktop Protocol, SmartCode VNC Manager allows IT managers to identify all Terminal Service and Windows XP machines with RDP enabled. This can saves customers valuable time when incorporating their clients into VNC Manager. It also enables management of Terminal Server licenses to help users maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

More Security With SSH Tunneling Support
SmartCode VNC Manager now supports SSH tunneling on both VNC and RDP connections, which helps encrypt network traffic reducing the ability of sniffers to capture sensitive data. “Our enterprise customers are looking for stronger security,” said Mr. Averkiev. “We are providing the tools to keep our customers sensitive data where they want it.”

Inventory Remote Computers
With version 3.0, managers can now gain critical insight into remote computer information to enhance support capabilities. Some of the vital details offered by the VNC Manager consoles include the processor speed, amount of RAM, the current logged in user, and which operating system they are using.

Usability Improvements
New usability enhancements make it even easier to navigate through VNC Manager. Dynamic Search Folders allows users to automatically discover RDP and VNC servers based on customized criteria. The network neighborhood allows you to see which servers have VNC or RDP installed. Along with RealVNC and TightVNC flavors you can now deploy UltraVNC through the Deployment Wizard. Central management is also improved with the additional capability of setting remote registry entries.

“By increasing manager's control and access to important data, the new features collectively generate a substantial improvement in the support staff's efficiency,” said Mr. Averkiev. “In version 3.0, we implemented a large number of functionality requests coming in from our customers.”

For more information on SmartCode VNC Manager 3.0 and its new features, please visit:

Pricing and Availability
A free 14-day trial of SmartCode VNC Manager 3.0 for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP is available immediately at SmartCode VNC Manager 3.0 has a standard list price of $98.94 per Enterprise Edition license and $35.95 per Standard Edition license. Upgrade pricing is available for existing customers and volume discounts are offered for quantities of five or more.

About SmartCode Solutions;
SmartCode Solutions, a leading developer of remote VNC and RDP based screensharing solutions, enables individuals and organizations to easily manage remote workstations and servers. Headquartered in Singapore; SmartCode Solutions is a high grow privately funded company. For more information please see